The Cream Always Rises to the Top

As a recognised market leader in pumping technology SSP has been at the forefront of supplying rotary lobe pumps to the dairy industry for over 50 years.

SSP for the Dairy Industry

Handling from low to high viscosity pumped media, the pumps characteristic smooth, reliable, low shear pumping action and gentle handling of shear sensitive media, provides for long trouble-free service.

Hygienic construction of Series S, X and L pumps with the non-contacting pumphead design having all metallic pumped media wetted components manufactured from 316L stainless steel.

Low running and maintenance costs with easy access to the pumphead minimising downtime, results in a reduced lifecycle cost.

Series S, X and L pumps conform to USA 3-A Standard 02-10

Series S, X and L pumps are EHEDG accredited for the highest level of cleanability.
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