Beeting All Others

As a recognised market leader in pumping technology SSP has been at the forefront of supplying rotary lobe pumps to the sugar industry for over 50 years, with both stainless steel models (Series S) and ductile iron models (Series D and G).

SSP for the Sugar Industry

SSP rotary lobe pumps are to be found in numerous sugar processes, where their reliable low shear flow characteristics are ideally suited to the transfer of media such as magma, massecuite and thick juice..

Non-contacting pumphead design enhances the pump’s ability to handle abrasive crystalline slurries, whilst minimising product damage.

Low running and maintenance costs with easy access to the pumphead minimising downtime, results in a reduced lifecycle cost.

Lower power requirements than other pump technologies

Series D and G pumps are constructed in ductile iron for use where stainless steel is unnecessary on duties such as magma and massecuite.
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