Keeping your processes clean

As a recognised market leader in pumping technology SSP has been at the forefront of supplying rotary lobe pumps to the soap and detergents industry for over 60 years.

SSP rotary lobe pumps are to be found in many stages of the soap and detergent manufacturing process, where their reliable low shear flow characteristics offer gentle handling of shear sensitive media and provide long trouble free service.

The SSP Advantage:

Cost effective easy maintenance
Low running and maintenance costs and easy access to pumphead minimising downtime, results in a reduced lifecycle cost.

Low shear pumping
Minimal damage to extremely shear sensitive media.

Ability to pump abrasive media
Non-contacting pumphead design ensures that abrasive particles do not cause excessive wear.

Indefinite dry running capability
Avoiding pump components shedding into pumped media.

Easy re-start
Low breakout torque following machine stoppages

Compact design
Occupies considerably less floor space than other pump technologies.